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Hon. Faisal Ali Sh. Mohamed was appointed Commissioner of NADFOR for the National Disaster Preparedness & Food Reserve Authority on {{ Date }}


The responsibility of this department is to establish effective early warning and information systems to Improve capacity for Early Humanitarian Response especially linking the early warning information to early action response

The main duty of th is department is to Lead the plan, process, strategic and policy formulations of the institutions.

1.Relief Section

  • Arab and Islamic Relation
  • Relief aid with Arab and Islamic countries.
  • Relationships local charities.
  • Continuous communication with ministries and government agencies.


2. Media & Public Awareness

 Media: Full responsibility for the social communication of the NADFOR from periodic reports and news, as well as official meetings 

with local and international bodies and ministries.

3. Public awareness: We in our department are responsible for spreading awareness and shearing the report on early warning of a disaster, through the
media, after obtaining approval from the commission.

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